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This article was written by Alan Ayckbourn for the promotional flyer for the London premiere of The Norman Conquests at Greenwich Theatre during 1974.

Introducing The Norman Conquests

The Norman Conquests concern not William the Conqueror but a new, dynamic modern hero, Norman the Assistant Librarian.

This new Norman's ambitions of conquest are as equally far-reaching though - his wife's sister, his sister-in-law and his wife. Here is a romantic who, after himself, loves no one so much as the woman he can't have.

Over the course of the three plays, each playing on a separate night, we follow the course of this pursuit by the awkward of the unattainable; of Norman's flailing attempts to bring happiness to everyone and satisfaction for himself.

The plays tell and retell of the turbulently comic events that occur in a house over a country weekend. Each is seen from a different viewpoint: from the dining room (
Table Manners), from the living room (Living Together) and from the garden (Round And Round The Garden).

They can be seen in any order since, like a three-ended ball of string, it doesn't really matter where you start to unravel. See one, see two or, to qualify for the special Norman Award for Lack of Industry, see all three.

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