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This article was written by Alan Ayckbourn for the world premiere of The Norman Conquests at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, during 1973.

Make Yourself At Home

In proscenium arch theatre, an audience is often required to imagine they are witnessing the action of a play through the ‘fourth wall’ of a room. Theatre-in-the-round, on the other hand, asks its audience, frequently, to become all four walls.

Tonight we see events in the lives of a family, from the point of view of the living room, over a single weekend. Complementing this and running in repertoire with it, are different views of the same period of time seen from the dining room
Fancy Meeting You and the garden Round And Round The Garden.

For me it is a new, and as far as I know, untried experiment in comedy. I hope you enjoy these three views of characters - from a choice of four directions.

Which makes about 64 different ways of looking at it….

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